• hitchens

    Christopher Hitchens Dies at 62

    World famous atheist Christopher Hitchens died Thursday from pneumonia, a complication resulting from his stage IV esophageal cancer…

  • sunybuffalo

    InterVarsity Derecognized Over Faith Clause?

    The State University of New York-Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo) is looking into allegations that a Christian campus group is in violation of school policy and the law by requiring its leaders to sign a faith-based statement.

  • haroldcamping

    Harold Camping Says Too Late for Non-Believers

    Family Radio says if you weren’t among those who were saved by May 21, the date of Harold Camping’s Rapture prediction, then it’s too late.

  • drcraig

    Atheists Refuse to Debate

    American Evangelical theologian William Lane Craig is ready to debate the rationality of faith during his U.K tour this fall, but it appears that some atheist philosophers are running shy of the challenge.

  • law

    News: Federal Court Lifts Ban on Public Prayer at Texas High School Graduation

    A federal appeals court has lifted the order banning public prayer at a Texas high school graduation Saturday.

    The reversal comes on the heels of increasing criticism of a federal judge’s earlier ruling that agreed with the parents of one graduating student that religious expression during the ceremony at Medina Valley Independent School District would cause “irreparable harm” to their son.

  • katehi_home

    News: University defines Christians as ‘oppressors’

    The Alliance Defense Fund, a legal team that defends civil and religious rights, has sent officials at the University of California-Davis a letter challenging what it calls “invidious discrimination” against Christians on the schoolwebsite.