Hot! “Old Earth or Young Earth?” – Ross/Kaiser vs. Ham/Lisle

How Old is the Earth?How old is the Earth? Should the creation days in Genesis be interpreted as literal 24 hour periods, or much longer spans of time? And more importantly, what is the relationship between science and theology anyways? Listen as the notable old Earth creationists Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Walter Kaiser debate the prominent young Earth creationists Mr. Ken Ham and Dr. Jason Lisle on this very controversial, yet important aspect of the Christian faith.

“Old Earth or Young Earth?”
Hugh Ross/Walter Kaiser vs. Ken Ham/Jason Lisle (3 hrs)

This debate was held on the John Ankerberg Show and can be found, along with many other debates, at Apologetics315.


  1. I got fed up with this “debate” because not only was it lacking in structure, but Ankerberg was biased toward the old earth camp, and kept cutting off the young earthers.

  2. To me it is easy to agree with the position of Ken Ham. If you look at a timeline anything other than a literal interpretation of 6 (24 hour) days is illogical.

    In the beginning, (this obviously indicates the beginning of Time as well as Day 1). Therefore, when God indicates Beginning and Day 1 there is no Time before this. Since day is used with numbers and in the same contextual manner it is only logical for “Day” to mean a specific unit of measure and the same for each “Day”. Therefore the only possible argument is how Day is defined here (24 hours or another unit of measurement). Well, since Adam and Eve were created on Day 6 and we know we had a Day 7 before they died, a Day can not be longer than 930 years. Also, sin was not part of Day 7 and Adam and Eve did not have children before sin, it could not be more than 130 years when Cain was born. As most arguments surround the interpretation of several thousand, millions, billions, of years these are all completely discredited.

    In addition, for Evolutionists nothing cannot produce something. That is Science. Therefore, creation. Answers for any of the more difficult things to grasp because of the fall of education can be answered at AnswersinGensis. ( I do not work for them and have only recently discovered this ministry but from what I can tell, they have the most accurate information. However, nothing can supplement the infallible word of God.) God Loves You!

  3. Ankerberg is going point by point.

    Evening and morning should be translated ending and beginning, time period (or era) one.

  4. Ham forgets that Walter C. Kaiser is also a Hebrew scholar.

  5. You got human civilization going back 8,000 to 12,000 years ago. End of story, Ken.

  6. The “average” person doesn’t read the original Hebrew. He’s reading an English, German, French, etc., translation of the original Hebrew. The Hebrew words are not 100% equivalent to the English, German, French, etc., words.

  7. The Bible actually says that the seventh day of “rest” is ongoing. It’s not a 24-hour day.

  8. Almost everything Ken Ham or the believers in evolution say is refuted at

  9. You don’t have to believe Ken Ham’s translation and interpretation of Genesis –

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