Hot! Audio “Was Einstein Wrong?”

“Was Einstein Wrong?”

Hugh Ross & Jeff Zweerink (Reasons to Believe)

Was Einstein wrong? Can anything move faster than the speed of light? Reasons to Believe‘s resident astrophysicists Hugh Ross and Jeff Zweerink respond to the recent news calling into question one of physics most foundational assumptions.

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Hugh Ross is a Canadian-born astrophysicist and creationist Christian apologist. He has a PhD in astronomy and astrophysics, and later established his own ministry called Reasons To Believe, that promotes progressive and day-age forms of old Earth creationism (



  1. Why the Einstein bashing? So what if he was wrong. Did you come up with E=MC^2? He had enough things right to have earned his place in history…

    Einstein being right or wrong in no way supports a belief in a deity, personal or non-personal..

  2. Where was Einstein bashed? Where did anyone mention proof of a deity? Did you even listen? Your aggravation is unwarented.

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