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Great for small group discussions or simply watching at home with family or a skeptical friend, these movies bring apologetics to the popular level and are a great starting point for anyone who has questions/doubts about Christianity:


Apologetics Bloggers Alliance

Always Have a Reason – J.W. Wartick

Another Ascending Lark – Austin Gravley
(Note: Hybrid blog – album reviews and apologetics/theology/philosophy)

Apologetics315 – Brian Auten

Apologetic Junkie – Aaron Brake et al.

Apologetics Guy – Mikel Del Rosario

Bringing Back the Tao – Gabriel Pagel

Christian Apologetics and Intelligence Ministry – Michael Boling & Jim Latour

Cold and Lonely Truth – Arthur Khachatryan

Deeper Waters – Nick Peters

Dove Theology – Calum Miller

Edgar Andrews

Epagonizesthai – Luis Dizon

Faithful Thinkers – Luke Nix

Focus on the Family’s TrueU – Mike Keas

Gospel Apologetics

Hard-Core Christianity – Melissa Travis

Hieropraxis – Holly Ordway

Hope’s Reason Blog – Stephen Bedard

Ichthus77 – Maryann Spikes

In Defense of the Christian Faith – Christiana Szymanski

Jonathan Sherwin

Josiah Concept Ministries – Cory Tucholski

MandM – Matt and Madeleine Flannagan

Neil Mammen

Patheos – Clay Jones

Possible Worlds – Randy Everist

Proslogion – Dr. Jay L. Wile

Ratio Christi – Rick Schenker

Razor Swift – Rich (Marc) Christian

Reasons for God – Carson Weitnauer

Robert Kunda

Rob Lundberg

Sarcastic Xtian – Scott Smith

Sententia – Max Andrews

Songs of a Semi-Free Man – Stephen McAndrew

Talitha Koum – Letitia Wong

The Aristophrenium (Group blog)

The God Hypothesis – Joshua Gidney

The Poached Egg – Greg West

The Redeemed Mind – Daniel Rodger, Philip Duncalfe

The Theological Brute – Brandon Van Deinse

The Two Books Approach – Greg Reeves

The Valley Girl Apologist – Sarah Ankenman

Thinking Christian – Tom Gilson
…also blogging at First Things: Evangel -
The Point -

Thinking Matters – Bnonn Tennant, Jason Kumar, Stuart McEwing, Matt and Madeleine Flannagan – Steve Wilkinson

Wintery Knight
(Note:  more a worldview and policy blog.)