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Day of Yahweh

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2:54 am
May 16, 2011



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Morality was apply within only a particular tribe’s agreements, and the rightness of action on its collective mood towards addressing other groups, it’s individuated and localized to only particular groupings, and really should have reality within the attendant cultural paradigms who agree with it. But the Israelites had a specific worldview, and they imposed that worldview; that radical new world view was monotheism. The eating off this tree of knowledge of good and bad has caused a moral conflict and tension between Yahweh’s good design for creation. The drama of humanity’s life should revolve not around the search for eternal life, nor preoccupation with immortality; it was not in Yahweh’s design for this kind of drama. It’s the power of moral choice alone that is godlike.

Morality’s about balance and survival, and the methods aren’t as important as the mannerisms in preserving humanity for eons instead of centuries, as humanity is walking in the footsteps of so called ancient civilizations in odious and strange ways. A pop culture where the modus litany puts valuables before values, character, ethic, writes a recipe for ruin.  The error is as deep as the nature of man, humanity cannot expect any deliverance from it so long as the nature of man continues the same, and humanity’s natural love of truth almost as depraved as humanity’s natural love of holiness. Humanity has before it the opportunity to become a conscious cooperator, no longer must we be merely unconscious players at the mercy of forces and energies beyond our control. Today we are intelligent enough and conscious enough to see the patterns and cycles that converge to form human destiny. Today humanity can take an active part in molding that destiny and not be simply the unwitting subject of the forces of change. But awaiting humanity is the Day of Yahweh, a popular idea among the Israelites, that on some future occasion, Yahweh would dramatically intervene in world affairs and he would do so on Israel’s behalf. He would lead Israel in victory over her enemies. They would be punished. Israel would be restored to her full and former glory.  

Remember those covenants,



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